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Itsa me!

My name is Kevin Houlihan, and I’m a software developer, game developer, and artist, probably in that order of proficiency - and perhaps reverse order of enthusiasm!

Software Development

I’m a freelance software developer with over 10 years experience. Most of my professional experience is with C#, but my current preference is for Python and JavaScript, as far as languages go. I’ve worked on everything from desktop apps to web apps, from back-end server processes to embedded apps.

Not a lot of my work is currently open source, but I am working to change that.


You can play some of my games on itch.io and GameJolt.

All of my games so far are short jam games. My long term project is called Just a Robot, but I keep getting distracted by side projects and my thinking on it is constantly evolving. It’s no harm to be distracted really, because I learn more from each project I work on.

I have another site about my art and gamedev exploits, but it needs a bit of an update.


There isn’t anywhere that I consider the one ideal place to view my art, but most of it is on DeviantArt. I do some pixel art and some painting and drawing.

I do time-lapse videos of my process for the pixel art that I do.

My art is available for printing from a number of Print on Demand sites:

I’m open to discussing commissions.


You can email me if you have any feedback on the blog, want to offer me some work, or if you just want to chat.

If you want to keep track of what I’m up to I have a mailing list. I don’t post to it very often, but I will be launching my own storefront in the near future, and subscribers will get some exclusive offers.

I’m also on quite a few social media sites, so feel free to hit me up on any of them: